Concrete products and constructions

We look back on a 60-year history of concrete!

We have an online store for concrete products where you can easily order delivery of concrete products from us.

Wergeland Group has a long tradition in the production of concrete products and ready-mixed concrete for casting.

Concrete as a building material

The properties of concrete vary depending on what is to be cast and how. The strength and conditions such as water tightness, frost resistance and handling time must be considered according to the scope and needs of the work. Issues such as load weight, placement in water / sea, river and spring, hardening battle, temperature and transport must be considered and taken into account. Please contact us for any questions regarding the operation, price information or ordering.

  • Application
  • Concrete Type / Quality
  • Formwork
  • Amount calculation
  • Treatment
  • Maintenance and care of concrete products

With our experience with concrete, we can construct large concrete constructions for use in the subsea industry, offshore and marine industry. The concrete factory is located centrally at our plant, close to Sløvåg ferry quay. We have our own quay facilities and are well suited for the production and transportation of heavy structures.

We at Wergeland also produce concrete products and ready-mixed concrete for the private market in the areas around Norhordaland, Gulen and the southern part of Sogn og Fjordane. We have skilled professionals who can produce and calculate the necessary strength on products adapted to the customer's needs.