Our self-built cable ferries

The Wergeland group operates with two self-built cable ferries in our local district. The ferries are built on Solund shipyard , which is one of Wergeland Holding’s subsidiaries. The ferries are built for a greener environment and because of our focus on this, KF Hisarøy was the first battery-powered ferry in Norway.

The connection goes between Masfjordnes – Duesund in Hordaland and Mjånes – Hisarøy in Gulen.

Wergeland Group is proud of the operation of the cable ferries that have been reliable with few downtime in the last 10 years.

KF Fjon-M

New ferry tariffs on the ferry service Masfjordnes – Duesund from 1 April 2019.

KF Hisarøy

Tariffs on the ferry connection Mjånes – Hisarøy:

Skyss has taken over the transport revenues on the ferry Masfjordnes – Duesund, there are therefore different tariffs on the two connections.

Keep yourself updated

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