Shipyard – Solund Verft

Employees and expertise

We have 37 own employees. But we use from 5-50 hired and subcontractors from the local community for larger projects. We have our own engineers, mechanics, plate workers, welders, ship plumbers, carpenters, surface finishers etc.

Our Facility

The plant is built around a dock of the type "Syncrolift". The lifting capacity is 1000 tons.

We can handle vessels up to 75 meters.

We have two beds for erecting docked boats on land.

We also have two ship halls:
The largest is 65 meters long and 25 meters below the crane hooks.

About. 200 m quay length for quays at quay.

Market situation

Today's market situation:

  • Repair
  • Remodeling
  • Maintenance

Focus area: Equipment of new construction.

Customer Groups

Historically, it has been about 30% ferries. Today, the impact field is much more distributed.

Today, our main areas are:

  • Fishing vessels
  • Coastal freight boats
  • well boats
  • pre-boats
  • work boats
  • and various special vessels

The customers are many and varied and we annually dock approx. 100 constructions.

The work has been done for customers such as:

  • Fjord1
  • Norled
  • the Armed Forces
  • Firda Sjøfarmer
  • Marine Harvest
  • Artic Shipping
  • Wergeland group

In addition, we have many assignments outside the yard.

Flexible and versatile shipyard

  • New construction
  • Equip
  • Modifications
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Solund Verft has in recent years developed the operating profile and yard facilities considerably.

Work under the ceiling

  • New ship hall 2010
  • Length 65m
  • Width 20m
  • Height 25m below the crane hooks
  • Crane capacity: 2 traverse cranes 2 x 16 tons
  • The total lifting capacity is 64 tons

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Morten Fuglum
Daily Manager
Phone: +47 91 65 10 53

Frank Ødejord
Operations Manager
Phone: +47 95 08 70 65

Svein Helge Lending
Technical Leader
Phone: +47 91 65 10 52

Ingunn Sanden
Phone: +47 99 55 39 06